2006 EFLJ Alumni Survey

What degree did you earn in the English, Foreign Languages, and Journalism Department at Western?

Please provide us with some details about you.

Your gender

What was your level of education prior to enrolling at Western?

What is your annual salary (not including spouse's income)?

Is your current position in a field directly related to your Western degree?

Please rate the value of courses and faculty in your program at Western.

Required Courses:

    Very Valuable Valuable Somewhat Valuable Not Valuable Not Applicable
Elective Courses:  
Creative Writing Courses:  
Journalism courses:  
Literature courses:  
Public Relations:  
Technical Communication courses:  
French courses:  
German courses:  
Spanish courses:  
Your internship experience(s):  
Relationship with your major professors:  
Assistance from your academic advisor:  

Did you pursue additional college/university coursework following your graduation from Western?