Missouri Western State University  
Developmental Mathematics Program  (DMP-Summer-2014)



Section Number



Number of years since last mathematics class:

Choose the option that best fits your opinion

I like mathematics

I believe I can do arithmetic.

I believe I can do algebra.

I believe I can complete assignments on a computer.

My desire is to be successful in math.

My desire is to be successful in college.

My desire is to earn a college degree.

By enrolling in the DMP, I am agreeing that I will continue to attend class and to work on ALEKS until I have completed all the program requirements. I understand this requirement applies regardless of the class in which I am enrolled.
I have been informed that:
  • the use of cell phones is prohibited in DMP labs and can result in the voiding of work.
  • drinks and food are not allowed in MWSU computer labs.
  • the syllabus is available www.missouriwestern.edu/csmp/dmp (the syllabus contains the policies on attendance, conduct, and grading scale).
  • disability accommodations are available.
I MAY complete all DMP requirements while enrolled in MAT081, MAT082, or MAT083.

Unless excused by my instructor I must attend the scheduled final during Finals Week to receive credit for the course.